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  • Smelly Jelly

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    Smelly Jelly (12 oz. glass jar)

    (A great flame-less scenting option - perfect for bathrooms, closets, cars, offices, and dorms.) Anywhere you need a little extra freshness.

     • Smelly Jellies are NOT EDIBLE! It can be harmful if swallowed, please seek medical attention immediately.

     • Do not put Smelly Jellies down the drain or flush down the toilet, Smelly Jellies expand with water. When Smelly  Jellies are done throw away in the garbage. They are biodegradable. If Smelly Jellies are accidentally put down the sink,  pour table salt directly into the drain. Salt will unclog the sink.

     • Do not place Smelly Jellies on unprotected surfaces. • Keep out of the reach of children and away from pets.


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