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Fragrance Oil / *Clearance ($1.75) / Monthly Specials

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*** Prices starting at $1.75 ***

Select Fragrance lamp oils on sale. Limited supply!! Once they are gone, they are gone FOREVER!

We have had to increase our prices on the Clearance Section due to rising costs with our Suppliers, but we are going to continue to try to keep this Section.

**We have a few of these Fragrance Oils that have become very popular but are not on our Suppliers Fragrance of the Month section any longer, which means we are not able to purchase them at a Sale Price. Instead of moving them to our Regular Fragrance Oil section we are increasing the price slightly to help offset the Cost and to be able to keep them available on our Clearance Section.

  • DIY Fragrance Lamp Oil Concentrate Vial.
  • A pre-measured vial (approx. 2 dram)

    Add contents of pre-measured vial to 16 oz. 
     (91 %) Isopropyl Alcohol and shake well.


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