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  • Facial Scrub / Lavender (Soothing and Regenerating)

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    Facial Scrub / Lavender (Soothing and Regenerating) For Men and Women (4 ounce)

    Lavender Essential Oil soothes irritated skin, relaxes and regenerates cell growth.

    This scrub is a sugar based scrub with organic coconut oil, vitamin e oil, pure baking soda and essential oils. An excellent way to clean and exfoliate all at once, eliminating dry skin and excessive oils. For men this is ideal to use prior to shaving, closer shave with less irritation. 

    Scrubs are not intended for daily use, they should be used once or twice a week.

    Directions for use: Wet face, get scrub and rub together slightly in palms then scrub face in a circular motion, avoiding eyes.This is abrasive so you may need to build up to the amount of time to scrub but generally you will scrub until dissolved, you will notice redness for a few minutes this is normal. Rinse face thoroughly then wash with cleanser and follow with your normal skin care regimen, moisturizer, etc. 

    Discontinue use should irritation occur.


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