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About Us

Well let’s start by saying we absolutely love what we do and everyone who has supported us through this transition!

My daughter and I took over this business June 2014 and we absolutely love it. These are products that we have used since 2005 and were blessed enough to have the opportunity to buy this business. My daughter and I are enjoying working together allowing us to share ideas and creativity while trying to build and expand the growth of this business. It is our desire to give our customers the most out of our products and give the best customer service possible. We are happy that we were able to continue on with this business and work together on it. Who knew that running a business together would bring you so much closer as a family?

We are proud to stand behind our products and to say that we are proud to be here for you guys! Blessings come in all forms and this has truly been a Blessing for us.  

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