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  • Sachet by Greenleaf (Slim) / Sassy Girl

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    Slim Sachet by Greenleaf / Sassy Girl / Green Girl Collection

    Sassy Girl is all sparkle, sweetness and sass blended in sunny harmony. Amber and muguet floral notes bring a rich complexity to a vibrant blend of citrus and tropical fruits, including kiwi, melon, raspberry, pineapple, and strawberry.

     A fun and simple way to add fragrance anywhere, Drawers, Linens Closets, Diaper Bags, Trash Cans, Gym Bags, Vacuum Cleaner, Autos (under the seat or in the trunk), Shoes, etc. No place should be without a Sachet!

    Since Greenleaf created the original scented sachet in 1975, it has been our signature source of fragrance! In three different sizes – Large, Slim, and Small – the Sachet can fragrance rooms, closets, office, vehicles,